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by Astrologer Danielle Astrid Ricard


posted with the permission of a real subject, previously unknown to the astrologer

Please note that the themes presented (paragraph titles), with the exception of the Sun, Moon & Rising Signs description will differ from subject to subject. Also, themes can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Your unique chart shows the planetary positions in relation to you at the time and place you were born. Designed by your individual karma, it is a map of inherent traits, abilities and drives. Your chart can help you to recognize hidden strengths as well as perplexing difficulties. Many you may have mastered or conquered already, while others await your newfound awareness.

This Natal Chart Reading is my personalized, whole-chart interpretation in which I consider planet, sign and house simultaneously, and look at multiple planet configurations, such as Stelliums, Grand Trines and T-Squares. I look closely at Quintile aspects, which I consider to be very important in spite of their general relegation to the category of "minor" aspect. I also use the Ascendant, Midheaven, North and South Nodes and the Part of Fortune in Aspect - something many traditional astrologers don't do, as these are personal points - not planets. Please keep in mind that aspects between planets have much more influence than those that include the personal points. In order to create a flowing narrative, I keep astrological references to a minimum.

ASTROLOGY IN A NUTSHELL - Click here to reach my page outlining the symbols and theory behind a natal astrological chart.

I hope you will enjoy this report for many years to come. I welcome your comments.


Danielle Astrid Ricard





Written by Danielle Astrid Ricard


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An Amazing & Beautiful Person... Natal Chart

 ZZZ zz 19ZZ, Z:ZZ AM, Timezone, Peaceful Town, USA -N-- --W--

 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Houses, True Node




You are magnetically attractive, sunny and loving. You are truly a regal Leo who reflects kindness and benevolence, always. With Leo/Virgo cusp Ascendant and the Moon rising in Virgo, you are a hard working, organized, creative, helpful and practical individual. You have abundant emotional energy and physical drive to get you through any endeavor you might want to tackle. You have a very caring nature and quickly jump into any situation that calls for your expertise and knowledge. Immensely compassionate, you feel a need to care for the injured or suffering in the world. You are likely to be involved in charitable works or spiritual practices that encompass love and caring for all people. You readily connect with people who touch you on a deeply personal level, and who share your beliefs, spirituality and most secret dreams.


You love in a big way - with a big heart and big intentions. Your emotions are larger than life, and you are quick to act upon your spiritual and moral convictions - which are of the purest variety. Although you are in love with the world and all people, your close connections are likely to be through family channels or close to home somehow. Strong ties with community, social clubs, family and long-time or childhood friends will be with you all your life.

In sexual matters you are a charmer who goes after what she wants. There is no dilly-dallying or playing around - you make your intentions known immediately, but might sit on a fence awhile first until you're completely sure you've made the right choice. Marriage or long-term partnership will be considered carefully and deeply. Your partner's moral, ethical and artistic qualities will be carefully considered, as you will not tolerate a person in your life who does not share your sense of compassion, kindness and tasteful/proper conduct. Even so, you may find yourself irresistibly drawn to unusual, rebellious or unconventional individuals, and find them fascinating. People who have been hurt or wounded will call to you to. Like a guide to lost souls, you will feel inclined to take others in as if they were lost little puppy dogs.


You have a number of very close quintiles. The strongest is between the Moon and Uranus. Your emotions may come out suddenly, powerfully and with shocking impact. This is particularly true with friends, family, your community and people very close to you. When it comes to caring for others, you respond immediately, spontaneously and with intelligence and inspiration. There is great loyalty here. You may sometimes feel resentful or annoyed with the disturbances caused by your strong need to reach out and be of help - but in the long run, this is a tremendous strength. You would be well suited to be an organizer or spokesperson for a humanitarian cause.

Second is a Pluto/Mars quintile to Mercury, quintile the Midheaven. You express your mind and your gut-feelings immediately, and with emotional power - even force. While this quintile is a great asset to any career opportunity you might wish to pursue, it might also cause difficulty when it comes to power struggles or heated situations. Others could resent you revealing a very strong, warrior-like presence. You may sometimes want to get your point across with bravado, but hesitate because you prefer to maintain a charming and friendly presence. This could cause you to back off sometimes, or even hide in the face of confrontation - possibly leaving your strong desire to act or speak on your convictions to grow in intensity and maybe eat you up inside. Emotionally satisfying activities such as singing, painting or even a martial art can help you to release any pent up anger or other emotions. You also have an uncanny ability to see the deeper motivation behind other's actions - and to understand people's deepest fears and desires. You may find some people somewhat intimidated by your ability to "see through" them. You can be a powerful ally, and a very loyal, deeply understanding friend. When called upon to come to the defense of others, or need to defend things that matter most to you, including your possessions, values and person - you readily take the lead and become an unstoppable fighter.

A Venus quintile to Jupiter completes this set of powerful interplays. You have plenty of friends, so many that it could feel overwhelming at times. You have a powerful need to share your kindness, nurturing and artistic, musical or spiritual abilities. Travel, higher education, and refined arts, philosophy and sciences call out strongly to you. Your spiritual, ethical convictions are strong and must be integral with your close relationships. While you gather friends, knowledge and talents - you always come back to family and home to share your gifts.


Chiron, Mars/Pluto, Neptune

This is known as a "finger of God" pattern. Some astrologers would not recognize this one because of the apex Chiron - since Chiron is not a planet. However, in light of increasing appreciation for the influence of Chiron in these times, I find it significant. This one simply says - you have a great need to help others. Your sensitivity to other's needs is heartfelt and sincere, and does not stop at mere recognition and compassion. You feel you must act on your powerful intuition. You will feel inclined to make a difference by offering your deeply intuitive advice, spiritual wisdom, honesty, physical nurturing and gifts from the heart. You might have a particular sensitivity toward people of a foreign land, animals and people you may meet in traveling.


A career in spiritual or healing arts may appeal to you. A creative or teaching career with children also looks like a very strong possibility. Fine arts and music may have a calling as well. Whatever you choose to do, you will surely bring and share your great optimism, spiritual and moral strength and compassion. You bring to your working environment an ability to organize and get things done, high idealism and a strong sense of family belonging with the world. You are naturally hard working and find it easy to bring structure and discipline into your work.

You may feel distracted or annoyed by family responsibility or by your spiritual, creative and imaginative nature. A deep wanderlust and a fantastical world of love and unimaginable beauty reside in your practical and hardworking soul. Travel, study, creative or artistic activities and renewing bonds with family are necessary to help keep you on track and fuel your ambitions. Remember that responsibility must be balanced by occasional peace and solitude!

When it comes to money and financial security, you are determined, hard working and bold. You instinctively know the quickest route to getting what you want and need in life, and your magnetic and shining presence assures you the first seat in the house.


Chiron/Uranus/Sun with Sun apex, this t-square assures that you will never be bored in life. People and situations will pop up that take you away from your every day life and into the realm of magical, life-enhancing opportunities for growth and change. You can be of tremendous benefit to others, especially if you allow yourself to trust your instincts and follow through on situations that may require your know-how. Be aware of danger - or of entering into a situation that may be too uncomfortable. Stop a moment and breathe before jumping in!!

PRIOR LIFE LESSONS - North/South Nodes and Chiron

A past-life tendency to over-work yourself - especially mentally - and to over-analyze might plague you somewhat in this life. There is no doubt that you see the little details and understand fully what needs to be done. You will benefit greatly in this life by trusting the instinct to take a break once in awhile&ldots; hide out and recuperate. Then - channel the detail-oriented part of your mind into those activities that please you most! You may find much serenity and solace in your own, private creative outlets. It is important that you take time for those activities that fulfill your creative and spiritual needs, and help take you away from worries and responsibilities you feel toward others - and a possibly overly perfectionist attitude about yourself.

Keep in mind that your creative efforts benefit others in the long run. For you, they mean tremendous potential for releasing pent up feelings and energy, and have the added potential to bring you gain and recognition. They are also a perfect way to express and use your refined, precise and perfected abilities - be they artistic, intellectual, literary or spiritual.

You are likely to attract hurt or wounded people into your life, and part of your karma is to help them. You may have felt detached from the woes of others in prior lifetimes. In this life, you have the opportunity to be generous and giving - within reason of course. The trick for you may be to balance giving to others with giving to yourself. You can give through your creations, through everyday kindness, through your work, through modeling a healthy lifestyle, and through immediate and spontaneous acts of compassion.

Neptune retrograde in the fourth house shows a deep love and compassion for your family. Giving selflessly to those closest to you, and modeling a spiritual lifestyle are important in this life. You may find that you are the spiritual 'hub' in your family.

YOUR GREATEST JOY (Part of Fortune)

Your greatest joy may be sharing your sunny, nurturing, caring and helpful manner. You readily share yourself with the world, and find better and better ways to be of assistance. You show a very shiny and regal, yet kindhearted, humble face to the world that is irresistible to others. Hard work and educating yourself also bring you great joy. Most of all, you take delight in being yourself - proud of who you are and of the face you show to the world.


All in all you have a very strong chart. You are blessed with a healthy balance of elements, with Fire and Earth dominating - making for a very inspired and productive life. You are blessed with Venus and Neptune, the planets of love and compassion cradling the rest of your planets - many of them prominently rising with the Sun, while Chiron and Uranus lead the way to enlightenment.

I feel that your purpose in this life is to proudly show the world who you are and what you believe in - regardless of criticism, either inner or from the outside. Your very loving and compassionate nature is irresistible and healing to others, and the Leo/Virgo influence make for a healthy blending of pride and humility that is entirely charming. Mars and Pluto chime in with the power and energy you need to accomplish your goals and get your point across - with diplomacy and artistry.




Pluto transiting 4th House 2003 - 2008, conjuncts natal Neptune 2003 - 2004

Pluto in your fourth house of home, family and memories is bringing a time of change and transformation in the home (since 1993.) With Pluto approaching natal Neptune - changes in spiritual beliefs, or a stronger, more powerful spirituality might be coming your way. You could also be changing the way you relate to your family, and might find yourself more and more willing to express and share your beliefs. A deeper, stronger imagination and artistic depth of expression may also be yours during this time. A sextile to natal Mars/Pluto in 2003-2004 brings added energy for initiating a new creative , spiritual or family related project - and could involve a money-making opportunity. Pluto in the 5th house starting in 2008 can bring change and transformation related to children, creativity, love and recreation.

Neptune in the 6th house - 1998 - 2011

Neptune traversing this house brings inspiration and heightened awareness regarding your health and daily habits. You may find yourself wandering from task to task, or trying different health regimens. In Spring - Summer 2006 Neptune begins a sextile to your natal Neptune, signaling a time of renewed spiritual/imaginative/creative work that can be very satisfying and productive. In 2012, look for Neptune in your 7th house to bring heightened love, imagination and spirituality to all your relationships!

Uranus in the 6th house - early 1996 - Winter 2003, Uranus square natal Uranus and opposite North Node starting Summer 2000, strongest Fall & Winter 2001

Uranus adds an element of genius or rebelliousness regarding your daily habits, health routine or the way you work on a daily basis. You might be drawn into new activities on the spare of the moment, or try out new ways of conducting yourself. Meetings with unusual people from all walks of life have been affecting you on a very enlightening level in the last year, and will continue to affect you throughout 2001. Uranus square is a time that can bring great strides in your spiritual/soul development, yet can also bring shocking changes and karmic whammies. Healing and spiritual practices can be very beneficial during this time - as well as enhancing your self-awareness as much as possible.

Saturn in the 10th house - conjuncts natal Venus 11th house July 2003

With Saturn in the 10th house, career concerns may be uppermost in your mind. There is an earnest desire to make the most of yourself during this time and solidify your career or lifetime accomplishment goals. The conjunction to natal Venus may signal a serious commitment regarding career, artistic or romantic/relationship goals, and is supported by Jupiter oppositions to natal Uranus and Neptune starting in September 2002. Educational and travel opportunities may also arise during this time.

Jupiter conjuncts natal Venus August 2001

This means a possible, fortunate meeting with a potential partner. Gains in friendships and artistic endeavors, or a travel/educational opportunity can be yours very soon!

North Node conjunct Venus late August 2001

This is also a time of fortunate meetings with women and people who share your artistic/romantic sensibilities.

Love and Peace Always!


Danielle A. Ricard