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A tribute to the Divine

by Arpana Caur and my good friend ~ Shailendra Gulhati ~

Purchase at Vedam Books!

~ Another Source for this Book Here ~

There is a flight to timelessness.

It is not a miracle.

It is your true nature,

your own Self.

The miracle,

is that this timeless self came to our world of space and time

....and in so many forms!

When I first saw Arpana’s paintings, I knew she had God’s gift

with colours&ldots;..

Can there be a jugalbandi of Name and form, I thought,

can an artist and a poet celebrate God’s creation together?

Naam Roop is a tribute to the divine,

it's manifestations and it's plays,

all of which, are rooted in the One player.







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 Aries Moon

I feel you inside me, you whisper my name.

The hot air on my ear is anything but tame.

You put me to action on creating the life

I'm too lazy to fight for and attain otherwise.

Ever productive, you leave me too soon.

All I can do is wait for the next Aries Moon.

by Asya ~ Nov. 2000


Spiritual Warrior


by Dena

aka Venuskitty


Your bold assertion sparks action

And you willingly lead the way;

As the courageous, aggressive

Pioneer of competition,

You know you always win.


As the spiritual warrior

of independence,

Please, stake your claim in a gentle manner.

Learn to accept your own humanity

As you so boldly fight

For the rights of the weak.



Our harbinger of Spring;

We all need the light

Of your creative fire.

March 2001



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Romantic husband, hard-working wife,

Creative children, that's the life.

Lush, blooming gardens, loyal pet,

Luxurious home; Taurus -- you're set!

by Asya ~ Sept. 2000



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Gemini Art by Wendy Shinsky - click here to see her Wenchy Website - DWench Rose - and Fairy Realm!!

Beautiful Gemini Artwork by Wendy Shinsky - Nov. 2000




On the fly

this Gemini,

Never resting,

Always questing.

Seeking, seeking

things to share

ideas and musings

and concepts rare.

Tell me your thoughts

And I'll tell you mine

We'll share with the world

our mental grapevine.

But limit me not

Nor keep me in chains,

The world is my oyster

With knowledge to gain.

And so I must go

I'll see you again

Ideas still await me

before my time wanes.

by Kimber ~ June, 2000


Gemini Art by Suzaan

Love of Gemini Logo - by Suzaan


~ Dreamer Captured Gemini Lament~

  Why do we argue so? I was protesting as always the belief I have in

humanity. Saying one day opinions and religions wouldn't matter.

Quoting John Lennon Imagine Imagine Those sad regretful eyes

said more than the words "you really are a dreamer" So I almost told

you my most secret conviction. The small meaningless thing I think of

every day. I could have told the tale for hours. Though you didn't

ask what my happiness was. So I haven't shared my magik wish. But

you never ask..... So I'll never tell.

by Chimera ~ August, 2000





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Cancer Moon

Warm, calming ocean water reminds me of yourself

Your touch is kind and gentle, but solid and contained

Possessing true emotion like no one else I know

With natural devotion you work so tirelessly

Your memories enchanting, you sense just what I need

I feel so safe around you, oh, darling, never leave

by Asya ~ September, 2000





click here musical accompaniment

from Lacey Peterson - age 12!!

from Lacey Peterson

Age 12 - Chesapeake, Virginia


Art from Asya

"The artist is Alfred Mucha... I think it looks way cool, very fiery and regal like a Leo. I can't help but wonder what she would look like with all her hair down...also sort of resembles a cat,...."


Moosey-Cow - March 2001




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Contract of Intensity

Through the mist I reach

Blindly, feeling small,

Feeling something dangerous

Lingering in the air.


Emotions drift in waves

Of vibrating presentiment;

My heart slams into motion,

Beating a path down my spine.


I am mystified and terrified,

Hypnotically drawn by the intensity

To search the unknown,

To part the occult river that surrounds us.


What I see cannot be named,

What I feel goes beyond premonition,

And I know that time has brought me

Here to find the floating confusion.


I yearn for the unfathomable.

As my hand lights on the firm, warm

Strength of your arm, I know

Why I have come to this point.


In the dark, wet night, I have found you.

My blood clings like dew in my pulsing

Veins, my full-blossomed vanity grows damp

In the shadowy uncertainty of your presence.


I am addicted;

I am possessed with longing, waiting for

your mouth to devour my own. I am hot and cold,

I am warm and shivering. It is for you.


Our souls know what will be.

My body remembers every smooth touch,

Every fiery kiss exchanged.

Your strong solidarity makes me weep.


Claim me as yours,

Etch your name, your essence,

On the globes of my chest.

Suckle me into oblivion.


I will surrender to you,

I will draw up the contract of intensity.

Possession... no one likes to give it a name.

My search is over.


I want to belong to you.


October 20, 2001

Love and hugs from Venus! (aka Dena L. Moore)




Enjoy Awesome Mystical Stories & Poetry by my friend Dena Moore!

and More of Dena's poetry follow, too... for SCORPIO



Take me as you See me

feel me, smell me

need me

for now ....and forever

hold me

take me

deep inside you

keep me... beside you

surrounding, resounding

with the pleasure of you....

this is all my soul desires

... too much, you ask?

enfold me, caress me, engulf me, possess me

I don't care if you

destroy me

I'm Yours

by Danielle - October 24, 2001




Isis Does Not Cry

Reach through the steam,

The burning fog and smoke--

Touch the darkest corner,

The recessed images,

The broken shards and glimmer of

Lost hope,


Of fragile glue mending fragments--

Pain, deep sheltered pain,

And oblivion,

And split crawling pythons

Of death and decay, rotting torsos,

Empty stares


That look right through the dense cover.

A deep knowing,



Formed and shifting alien

Sexuality discovered


And embraced.

The damp mildew of ancient

Passion blown skyward,

Touching the constellations,

Orion and Osiris...

Isis does not cry


For the Scorpion.


Dena L. Moore

December 7, 2001




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"In honor of your Sagittarius Sun...."


I am blind but I still watch

Wondering where I've been taken

Knowing a new day is a-breakin'

Seeing my life open up.

There is so much in my future

If I blink it may be wasted

All the memories I will have tasted

Will be so different from what I have planned.

So I might as well decide now

Face the fear of uncertainty

Letting what will be to be

Where I'll end up, we will see.

by Asya - march 2001


THANKS ASYA!! ~^..^~



click here musical accompaniment



The day the moon bore water's gift

I awoke into this dream

A held the torch of Aquarius

Detached as it may seem

I felt the cry of humanity

and suffering of the earth

The rebel child, eccentric fool,

Chanted I this oath:

"I promise to keep prejudice

farthest from my soul

I swear to stay original

Until I'm very old"

The day I die the moon may be

in a sign different from my birth

I'll leave this place and end my dream

Missing my home, Earth





click here musical accompaniment


Art from Asya



Today I wish to be a fish

by way of ancient spell:

cast off my skin, change limb to fin

and with a fishy little grin

flip and flop o'er hill and dell

to take up shelter in a well.


Peter Nicolas Aguirre

Son of MoonCat!



So fragile is this PISCES MOON

born within the month of June;

Doubly bound, it seems to me

to flounder in emotional seas

While Neptune and her guileful web

Seldom lets deception ebb.

Yet through it all

I hear the call

To love and trust and seek to find

divine release from all that binds.

by Kimber ~ July, 2000




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