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Predictions for 2004

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Predictions for 2004

We all seem to have enjoyed the year 2003 and now it is time to welcome and look ahead to the year 2004. From the astrology perspective it seems another year of progress for India with many positive events further creating opportunities for her people. It would be India¡¦s strong endeavor to create a good infrastructure and be self-reliant for next two years as also there can be a strong shift in the foreign policy of India promoting her as a global leader, hawkish in nature. There are strong chances of conflict with Pakistan once again within next three-four months wherein India will be able to make its point to the international arena but with heavy losses.


If I see the planetary movements taking view of the whole world then it seems to be a time when there would be some war like situations once again. I strongly foresee strong thirst for knowledge in people especially spiritual, occult and other esoteric knowledge wherein more and more people go about seeking the real truth rather than believe conventional wisdom. Also this year the stock markets will see some northward movement.


It would be Rahu in Aries and gathering more power but affecting Moon. For India, the first month of 2004 may not produce very good results since there may be internal as well as external conflicts/war situations. India will be in a situation where it will have to decide whether to destroy the terrorist camps or suffer further because of terror activities.


Ketu will be at its majesty in Libra with direct aspect from Mars, Moon & Rahu. I see such an influence to Moon as a resolution being passed through UN or a strong international group passing the strong resolution to curb the terror activities of a Mohammedan country.


Mercury the planet of communications will be combust and retrograde in Sagittarius thereby causing misinterpretation and miscommunication on a very large scale i.e. among nations, religions and religious leaders. One should be beware that such a situation should not lead to any further damages to international community. Such a situation will remain till June 17, 2003 when finally Mercury moves to Gemini


Sun would be in power in Sagittarius with Retrograde Saturn aspecting from Gemini. There is a strong exchange yoga of Sun with Jupiter that is aspecting both Sun & Mercury from its position. This situation is positive for many governments around the world, which will get new lease of life. This Saturn & Sun situation is not very good for top political leaders in January 2004. I can only say that their security must be tightened. Further the same kind of situation will prevail when Sun transits through Pisces in February-March.


Venus would be in Capricorn, which will create a fortunate situation as far as overall prosperity of people is based. Since Venus is lord of wealth, luxury, prosperity, beauty, relationships one can see its positive vibrations in all the areas till the time it moves out of Pisces on February 29, 2004. The time would be ripe for the stock markets, good financial results of companies, speculative activities, relationships & education activities.


Mars would be evergreen in Pisces in with direct aspect from Jupiter and Saturn. Such a Mars may create some fierce foreign policy and create another international group which will initially be a business related one (although it will be a slow process) but will become a danger for the whole world (this would be all very secret). It is point to be noted that Pisces is the twelfth and final house of the zodiac and fiery Mars there will certainly add fire, which will be havoc with retrograde Saturn¡¦s effect, but Jupiter¡¦s benevolence may save conflicting situations.


Moon & Rahu would be in Aries with a positive aspect from Jupiter. Such a situation of Rahu in will create scandals & war like situations or bloodshed while Jupiter controlling its negative effects through its ninth house aspect. It is sure that there would be many scandals, which will be unearthed, there would be many new discoveries. If the top terrorists are arrested there should be no doubt since such a situation will be created because of Jupiter¡¦s aspect. There may be a possibility of vaccines for dangerous diseases like AIDS. Yet I fear the top political leaders have to be under tight security since there may be danger from terrorist attacks. I see end of political career of many top leaders around the world who were on the political arena for a long time.


Saturn would be retrograde in Gemini with direct aspect from Sun & Mercury from and Mars. This would be a good time for old economy businesses as also communication, Internet, telecom, IT, government organizations, agriculture, defence systems, which will create strong/positive atmosphere in stock markets around the world. Trade and commerce will flourish and prosperity of common people will take an upward twist. The only negative aspect I see is lack of personal leisure time in people¡¦s lives, which will create a gap between materialistic prosperity and inner happiness.


Also I see strong thirst for spiritual knowledge in people because of karma effects. Venus also supports such a situation for truth seeking. There is a possibility of a new philosophical thought emerging or in other words people may look beyond all religions for a new practical approach. Emergence of a new philosopher/spiritualist is likely who will take on to the whole world with his unconventional approach. Although Saturn represents old and conventional but Jupiter is real knowledge giver which is in Leo aspected by Saturn thereby creating a conflict situation as far as spirituality is concerned. See, Saturn (karma) is aspected by Mercury (communication), Sun (royalty & significator of soul) & Mars (initiatives & courage) thereby influencing Saturn¡¦s own qualities and adding their own qualities to such a Saturn.


Mars would be in Pisces, the house of awakening and final bliss Saturn would be in the Gemini, the house of communications aspecting each other ¡V this influence will have negative effects for sure since such a combination will cause misinterpretation or distorted communication which will lead to disastrous war-like situations. Once Saturn becomes retrograde the situation will further worsen around January 14, 2004.


Mars & Venus would be in good positions in February therefore it would be a good month for all round prosperity. Mercury will be in Pisces in April worsening communication. Sun would be exalted in Aries and will prove good for leaders.


May would be a month to watch since this month both Saturn & Mars would be in close conjunction creating some kind of Air crash, accidents, fire etc.


June would also be same as May since Saturn will not welcome Sun, Mercury & Venus all there and Mars will not like its stay in Cancer its sign of debilitation. Expect further air-crash, fear of mass killings, war like situations, fire, problems to fishermen. But this could be the time when there is some vaccine for a long-term disease like AIDS.


In August, Sun will move to Leo good for many serving politicians since they may get another chance to serve in the governments. But there would be five planets there in Leo i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars. So if during this period you find that you need some wisdom besides education look for spirituality. Also it is time for Jupiter to move into Virgo on 29th August. See this one month of further prosperity and how it adds fire to business ventures.


In September, Saturn will also move into Cancer and again keep aspecting Jupiter and slowing the business processes and prosperity and adding its philosophical charm to businesses. Now this would be a very good time for starting a new business venture or financing it since Mercury will also become exalted from 25th September in Virgo with Sun as well.


October will be another month of prosperity and a month to remember internationally since there would be many business, political deals with very good economic environment all over. This month on October 1 there would be four planets in Virgo i.e. Jupiter, Sun, Mars & Mercury. Sun will move into Libra this month thereby balancing the mental and judicial activities and keeping a balance of good and bad all around. Venus would be in debilitation on 23rd October affecting prosperity a bit by the end of October.


On 24th October Sun will come in contact with Ketu in Libra under malefic influence thereby causing Surya Grahana. Be cautious around this time.


In November both Sun and Venus will move to Scorpio and Libra respectively thereby doing further good.


On 1st December there might be another havoc due to some big malefic event around the world, which will not be favourable for stock markets because of Mars, Venus close proximity and Ketu¡¦s affliction. It would be good after that and people will be ready to celebrate another New Year with bang.


Then we would be ready to welcome another great year of prosperity and all round success and will see what beholds for us in 2005. In 2005 you can see another phase of prosperity around the world since Jupiter the planet of prosperity will be out of Saturn's sight for another 5 years. In a way I can say that the phase of prosperity has already started you just need to be positive to see the effects.

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