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The Lovers

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

For ease in writing, I will use the gender pronoun that best matches the illustration below - no sexism intended. To listen to Musical accompaniment, look for a small link in the text!

This Archetype is number 6 of 22 Trump or Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. While the remaining pip and court cards portray more mundane realities, these cards represent higher energies, karmic forces, powers beyond our control, and superhuman strengths. In the Thoth Tarot deck, the Lovers is ruled by Gemini

The Lovers

The Lovers - Roehrig Tarot

~ Inspiration ~

We all need somebody, or some thing, idea, or project to love.

The Lovers merge energy and form a bond of complete devotion and trust. They are a precious reflection and release of the love we hold within. This archetype portrays a melting into one, a merging of hearts - sometimes forever.

This card signifies something or someone grabbing your heart so completely that you must possess them, or immerse yourself in the essence of that special one. This is cupid's arrow, being smitten, intense inspiration - a focus of complete attention on an object of your desire.

Sometimes the Lovers indicates a flirtation, a strong attraction... a situation that may never amount to a commitment. What is not always obvious with this card, is that its appearance in a reading often means that a choice must be made!

Whether you are struck by the arrow of love, hit on the head with an incredible idea or project, or inspired to create - a labor of love, you must ultimately choose whether or not to follow through on that inspiration.

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MEDITATION: Contemplate the lover within you. Think about the times you have been inspired to connect and be one with another, or align yourself so thoroughly with a project or idea that it is like a marriage or sacred bond.

PERSONAL DISCUSSIONS: When have you felt the energy of the Lovers? Have you seen it in other people? Have you had happy/sad experiences with this energy? Have you ever been forced to make a difficult choice because of a strong attraction? Have you been inspired by love, only to have it fizzle and be less than you anticipated?

TAROT EXPERIENCE: Recalling a time when you may have you drawn this card, what were the circumstances surrounding it, and what did it mean to you? How do you feel this archetype affects the cards that come before or after?

Loving Considerations: devotion, attraction, inspiration, choices, blind-love, lost in love, any more ideas??


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