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by Danielle Astrid Ricard

For ease in writing, I will use the gender pronoun that best matches the illustration below - no sexism intended. To listen to Musical accompaniment, look for a small link in the text!

This Archetype is number 11(sometimes 8) of 22 Trump or Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. While the remaining pip and court cards portray more mundane realities, these cards represent higher energies, karmic forces, powers beyond our control, and superhuman strengths. In the Thoth Tarot deck, Strength is ruled by Leo


Strength - Tarot of the Ages

~ Passion ~

Intense feelings burn inside you, and you are ready to explode! Your passion is hot... it begs for an outlet. You feel you could conquer any obstacle, take whatever you want or need and hold it to you forever, force the changes you desire to come to fruition. You feel like a god or goddess with infinite power!

There is one deck that portrays Strength as a weight-lifter holding up an incredibly huge barbell. The woman above is holding open the jaws of a lion! Imagine the courage, the force of will and the sheer inner strength one would need to accomplish these feats. Passion is what is required - a desire so strong that it cannot be denied, and all fear of failure disappears.

Strength sometimes shows up when feelings are bottled up. There's something within the querent that demands expression - or at least recognition. Fear is not what holds you back - but rather opportunity. You have the presence of mind to know what circumstances will support your efforts, and what circumstances will not. Sometimes, it's just a waiting game. Other times - an impossibility, yet the feelings remain! Strength therefore, can also be Frustration.

What do you desire? What are you passionate about? Are you expressing that passion? Do you have obstacles that force you to keep that feeling inside of you? How do you find release? Once you've got what you want - do you regain that feeling of super-ability and go back for more - or do you find another passion?

Ultimately - Strength and Passion are qualities we all possess, but may not always recognize, or use...

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MEDITATION: Contemplate passion, desire and repressed feelings in your life. Feel the energy, and then consider how you have dealt with it - or not.

PERSONAL DISCUSSIONS: When have you felt the energy of Strength? Have you seen it occur for other people? Have you had happy/sad experiences with this energy?

TAROT EXPERIENCE: Recalling a time when you may have you drawn this card, what were the circumstances surrounding it, and what did it mean to you? How do you feel this archetype affects the cards that come before or after?


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