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~ Your Reading Includes ~

Background or underlying Issues, People who may be involved

Ways to handle your question, Future possibilities

Positive Emotional and Spiritual Advice, Channeled with Healing Love and Light from the Highest Spiritual Sources

Reiki Healing Energy


Your Tarot Reading Order assumes you understand and accept the TERMS of USE (please click link to review before ordering)

Receive Psychic Insights and Positive Advice from an Illustrated Tarot Reading for just $60. You may also request a free 3 card follow-up with your order. Choose from 15 beautiful decks - Cat People, Vision, Tarot of Love, Lovers Path, Hanson Roberts, Gendron, Lovers Path, Cosmic, Thoth, Waite, Witches, Rohrig, Cosmic Tribe & Art Nouveau, and you may also choose a Reading Spread


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Click here to order a Deluxe Tarot Consultation by E-Mail. Deluxe E-Mail Readings are $50. You may ask up to 3 questions, relating to 1 topic, and also receive additional insights in one follow-up e-mail correspondence. Please keep in mind that more than one question will allow fewer cards and/or guidance for each question.


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I generally send receipt of your order within 24 hours, and complete your reading within 3 working days from that time (Mon.-Fri., not holiday). You may pay by Paypal acct., or CC/Check through Paypal. For very complicated or continued questions, or separate topics - you may request another reading. I will use the spread I find most appropriate to your question(s), unless you request a specific spread (illustrated readings only). Your reading may or may not include references to tarot cards - often I receive information and advice directly from guidance. Your Tarot Reading Order assumes you understand and accept the TERMS of USE (please click link to review)

After your payment, you will be directed to an order page to specify your choices and ask me your question.

before you order, please read the Terms of Use below

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Choose from 15 beautiful decks - (Click Here for more examples) Cat People, Vision, Tarot of Love, Cosmic, Gendron, Hanson Roberts, Lovers Path, Dragon, Art Nouveau, Rohrig, Witches, Cosmic Tribe, Thoth, Ryder Waite & Tarot of Spirit.

Your Choice of Tarot Decks

Cat People: Vision: Cosmic:

Lovers Path:  Dragon:

Gendron: Hanson Roberts:

Love: Art Nouveau: Rohrig:

Witches: Cosmic Tribe:

Thoth: Waite: Spirit:


Choice of Spreads: Let Danielle Choose, Karmic Relationship Purpose, Elements of Love, Celtic Cross, Life Mandala, Sun/Moon/Rising, Golden Dawn. Click Here for Descriptions

before you order, please read the Terms of Use below

The Spreads

for Illustrated Readings

All Readings involve 10 - 15 cards or more

Classic Celtic Cross - situation/resolution with underlying issues and future possibilities


Karmic Love Purpose - This spread shows the karmic purpose in a relationship between any two people, from the perspective of each one and also a combined purpose, on five different levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and finally a single, most powerful combined soul purpose. This reading can be for any kind of relationship - lovers, parent/child, friends, professional, etc.. spread designed by Danielle


Elements of Love - How does my lover / friend / boss / other person see me - physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally? What does he/she want from me in all these areas - and what can I do about it? What can we do together to improve our relationship? spread designed by Danielle


Sun, Moon, Rising - for problem resolution your current situation, deepest needs, fears, desires, and what your higher mind reveals.


Golden Dawn - for problem resolution, illustrates your situation, karmic drive, natural tendencies, an alternate route and future possibilities


Life Mandala ~ reveals the Current Situations in your life - for yourself, loving relationships, home & family, career, and your higher purpose.




Your personal information and your Tarot reading are entirely confidential. I will not share any information about you or my services for you with any other person, for any reason - except your comments about my services on my testimonials page - with your permission.

My readings are based on a thorough knowledge of the Tarot and its symbolism, and 20 years of experience with psychic reading. I do everything in my power to positively address your specific needs.

I never ask a client to come back for more readings. Whether or not you need or desire further advice is your decision - not mine!

I don't recommend any specific spiritual practices or rituals. My goal is always to offer insights and advice to assist the client in recognizing and dealing with current issues independently, and with respect for my client's beliefs.

I do not give financial, medical or psychological advice. These matters are best left to professionals in those fields. If I feel your problem is out of my realm of experience, I will not venture to assist you.

I never predict specific future events. This is unethical and lacks respect for your free will. Any references to future events in my readings are reflective of possibilities based on present circumstances, and are by no means intended as a definitive look into the future.






The Chakras


7th Chakra




6th Chakra

Third Eye

Future Possibilities


5th Chakra


Communication, Speech, What needs to be Said


4th Chakra


Love Connections, Center


3rd Chakra

Solar Plexus

Will, Personal Power


2nd Chakra

below Navel

Feelings, Sexuality


1st Chakra

base of Spine

Base, Root, Health, Basic Survival





 Terms of Use - Please Read !

Danielle's Psychic Tarot Readings are intended to help you gain insight into current relationships, goals and issues. They are not for predicting specific future events, nor should any information or advice offered be looked upon as an ultimate answer to your question.

The Reading you Receive may include one or both of the following: Tarot Card Psychic Interpretation and Information and Advice from Spirit Guides. Usually as I am drawing cards, Guidance comes through to confirm the Tarot Reading. In some cases, Readings are Channeled directly from one of my Spirit Guides and do not include any card interpretations.

I do not answer Yes/No Questions with any certainty, nor do I predict a definite outcome to any situation. Rather, I reveal the current circumstances and the feelings surrounding them, how the future may be affected, and offer positive, constructive, healing advice.

If you have not ordered a reading from me before, here are some sample questions to get you started: "what is going on with my current relationship?" "How is ______ feeling about me now?" "What is the best way to handle my situation with _______ ?"

Please remember that your free will and changing circumstances can alter the outcome of any situation. Please use your own highest judgement as well as the advice of trusted friends, family and other advisors in any personal decision making!

Ordering a reading from MoonCat's Astrology or MoonCat's Tarot will not place you on any mailing list.

Your reading will be delivered to you within 3-4 days (not counting holidays and weekends) unless I notify you otherwise, or (more likely) you receive it much sooner. In the event of internet or other technical difficulties your order may take longer - but I will do my best to be timely!

Please take time to meditate on your question!!

Love, Danielle





Divination is the art of "divining"

Or connecting with the divine

In order to find answers and guidance

Beyond our usual vision.


~ The Divine may be any higher power ~

Your own Higher Voice

Spirit Guides

Enlightened Beings

such as Christ or Kuthumi or Kwan Yin

Even Angels


Tarot Divination is a time-tested method of Divining

And one of a variety of Oracles

that Diviners consult

Such as the I-Ching, Medicine Cards and Angel Cards


Anyone with the desire to help and heal

Can be a "diviner"



RE: Illustrations & Graphics

Illustrations from the Tarot of the Cat People, Tarot of the Ages, Chinese Tarot and Medicine Woman Tarot reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyrights ©1990, 1985, 1990, 1991 respectively by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.

* Illustrations from the Xultan Maya Tarot - reproduced with permission from Xultan Tarot Deck by Peter Balin, Arcana Publishing, an Imprint of Lotus Press, P.O. Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181, ©1976 All Rights Reserved.

Regarding illustrations from the following Tarot decks, I have been unsuccessful thusfar in obtaining permission. I will gladly remove them if so requested by the owners: Thoth Tarot by Freida Harris, Mythological Tarot by Amerigo Folchi, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot & Enochian Tarot by Sallie Ann Glassman, Mythic Tarot by Tricia Newell, Tarot of the Spirit by Joyce Eakins.

All other Illustrations & backgrounds provided with permission, or are from free graphic sites, or are used in conjunction with reciprocal links. If I have inadvertantly used an image inappropriately, please let me know & I will remove it immediately!