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Tarot - the Fool's Circle of Life

The Pip Cards

 ~ 7 thru 10 ~

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

While the Major Arcana or Trump cards represent cosmic/karmic forces and higher human potential, the Pip, or Number cards - the Minor Arcana - represent mundane circumstances and realities - our physical, tangible, every day world. Within this world, there are basic energies or elements that we perceive in nature, and that live within ourselves.


 7 of Cups - Cat People Tarot


With the 7's, we realize that we may tap into hidden forces, go unseen by others, and accomplish our dreams. Here is the idea of stepping beyond the boundaries of what society dictates. The notion of unattainability holds here quite often - our dreams are usually too lofty to attain right away. However, with the most honorable intentions and great faith, anything is possible!

Seven of Cups - is Magical Feelings and represents our very dreams. Often this card means "imagining things", and shows fantasy, unreality and that which is unattainable, unless of course we pray very hard, and believe.

Seven of Wands - is Magical Energy, and usually signifies a defensive stance. When we venture beyond what others in our immediate circle may find acceptable, then we must stand up and fight for what we believe in.

Seven of Coins is Material Magic, and shows the results of great effort. Usually the card portrays someone who has worked very hard, and is generally unsatisfied with what has been accomplished. Because she dreams for so much, whatever she does is never enough. Therefore, the idea of failure is associated with this card, or just plain tiredness... worn out, and for what?

Seven of Swords is Mental Magic, and thus often signifies trickery, which must ultimately result in failure. Here the subject is getting away with something, or at least trying to! Sometimes, we do succeed with the most clever, sneaky or devious plans - in spite of ourselves.


8 of Swords - Cat People Tarot


With the 8's, there is endless repetition. Here are the cycles of life - put the eight on its side, and you'll see the sign for infinity...

Eight of Cups - is Reptition of Feeling. Often there is laziness indicated here, or a clinging to luxury and comfor, and "leaving well enough alone." Familiar emotions are also indicated. "That old loving feeling" with your significant other can easily turn to boredom if you don't breathe some life into the relationship! Another common meaning for this card has to do with giving up... things will remain the same, so why go on trying?

Eight of Wands - is a Repetition of Energy. This card almost invariably means "soon - very soon!" Things are moving along, and there is no stopping that which has been set into motion.

Eight of Coins is a Repetition of the Material, and usually signifies one's job or everyday routines. The idea here is - "carrying on as usual", or "keeping up the good work".

Eight of Swords is a Repetition of Thought, and thus entrapment. This can be quite unpleasant because the energy is internalized in one's mind, and nothing is being done. One may be cornered, in a dilemna or stuck on a thought or idea, unable to move because the thoughts and the very situation seem to go round and round - and never work their way out of the cycle.


9 of Wands - Cat People Tarot


With the 9's, we have the idea of self-indulgence and personal satisfaction. This is the number of "me, myself and I" - gloating, gleaming and glowing within my own glorious self...

Nine of Cups - is Emotional Indulgence, and can sometimes indicate drinking or drug-use, drowning one's sorrows, spilling one's guts, or possibly just partying (getting away from it all!) Whether you're saying "poor me", or "hurray for me", you want someone to notice, or maybe not...

Nine of Wands - is Spiritual or Energetic Indulgence, and often has to do with having strength of purpose, energy to spare, and also the power to muster support for your cause or efforts. My favorite image shows a ship landing on a difficult, stormy shore - a job that requires teamwork and a lot of fortitude.

Nine of Coins is Material Indulgence, and portrays someone basking in personal luxury and comforts. This is the idea of taking care of number one.

Nine of Swords is Mental Indulgence - and thus worry, anguish and even insanity. When we let our thoughts take over for too long without doing something with them, like sharing, writing or working them out physically, it simply cannot be pleasant.


10 of Cups - Cat People Tarot


With the 10's, we have completion and fulfillment. Because the 10's are at the end of a long road (the pip cards), they can also represent an impending change.

Ten of Cups - is Emotional Completion, total happiness and joy. In most cases this card represents the feeling one has with family, and the joyful presence of loved ones in our hearts.

Ten of Wands - is Spiritual or Energetic Completion - total exhaustion (!!) Often this card represents a situation in which one is overwhelmed or overburdened.

Ten of Coins is Material Completion, total satisfaction in the material realm. For most, this represents family as well, but unlike the Ten of Cups, the added physical presence of loved ones is indicated. In other words - an intact, real family. The important factor here is that we physically have what we want and need, be it people, objects or a situation.

Ten of Swords is Mental Completion... the end of thought. When something is no longer on our minds, it's over - done with - we've washed our hands of it! This can be a situation of ruin or ending. The traditonal image says it all - 10 swords in your heart and you're sure to be dead! Don't get me wrong, this is not a physical death. But a death on the mental plane can feel nearly as bad.



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