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Tarot Quick Reference

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

Here is a table to use as a quick reference in Tarot interpretations. Please keep in mind that the meanings may be more complex, and are affected by surrounding cards.

Tarot Quick Reference

Trumps or Major Arcana      Pip and Court Cards

Temperance - Cosmic Tarot

Major Arcana

0 Fool Innocence, Leap of Faith, Trust

1 Magician Action, Initiation, Beginning

11 Strength Passion, Desire, Strong Feelings

2 Priestess Intuition, Wisdom, Advisor

12 Hanged Man Sacrifice for a Cause or Ideal

3 Empress Fertility, Birth, Nurturing

13 Death Change, Transformation, Rebirth

4 Emperor Protection, Boundaries, Dominion

14 Temperance Time, Grace, Patience,

5 Heirophant Dogma, Belief, Rigidity, Advisor

15 Devil Attachment, Greed, Cruelty, Self-Satisfaction

6 Lovers Inspiration, Choice, Love, Connection

16 Tower Disappointment, Ruin, Sudden Change

7 Chariot Control, Moving Forward, Success

17 Star Hope, Opening to Possibilities, Dreams

8 Justice Adjustment, Karma, Wise Assessment, Just Actions

18 Moon Withdrawal, Fear, Psychic Connection, Deep Feelings

9 Hermit Solitude, Wisdom, Strictly following a chosen Path

19 Sun Security, Safety, Joy, Fun, Fulfillment

10 Wheel of Fortune Fate, Fortune, Turn of Events

20 Judgment Decision, Finality, Ending, Karmic Consequences

21 The World Reputation, Appearance, Fulfillment

The Number (Pip) and Court Cards

 One of Fire - Tarot of the Spirit

One of Wind - Tarot of the Spirit

One of Earth - Tarot of the Spirit

One of Water - Tarot of the Spirit

WANDS ~Fire Spirit

SWORDS ~Air Thought

COINS ~Earth Matter

CUPS ~Water Feeling

1 Energy, Beginnings

Pure Effort

Pure Idea

Pure Need or Desire

Pure Love

2 Duality, Relating

Rivalry, Partnership

Indecision, Stalemate

Exchange, Communication

Partnership, Marriage

3 Expression, Creation

Cooperation, Venture

Decision, Sadness

Deed, Accomplishment

Harmony, Creativity, Enjoyment, Fun

4 Stability

Hospitality, Comfort, Home

Certainty, Calm, Detachment

Holding on, Hoarding

Anger, Despondency, Resentment

5 Personal Power, Instability

Struggle, Disagreement

Strife, Error, Defeat

Material loss, Deprivation

Sadness, Loss, Sorrow

6 harmony, balance

Triumph, Accomplishment, Ease of action

Solution, Science, Way out

Karma, Balance, Harmony restored

Sentimental feelings, Heart Connections, Old dear friends

7 Magical forces

Defense, Fighting Spirit

Shrewdness, Deception or Getting away with something

Fatigue, Failure, Rest

Imagination, Wish, Illusion, Magic

8 Cycles, Contining, Repeating

Immediacy, Swiftness, Soon

Entrapment, Interference

Duties, Job, Continuation, Repeating Tasks

Despondency, Boredom, Withdrawal

9 Attainment, Indulgence

Determination, Support from others

Worry, Indulgence in thoughts

Luxury, Personal Satisfaction, Material indulgence

Indulgence in Feelings, Enjoyment or emotional excess

10 Completion Impending Changes

Heavy Burden, Responsibility

End, Finality, Decisive Conclusion

Material Security, wealth, family connection

Emotional security, Family love

Page Messenger, Message, Youthful energy

A message or messenger, Energy for new projects

Observing, Spying, gathering ideas

Rambuntious, Studious, gathering knowledge

Sensitivity, Emotion, Self-reflection

Knight dutiful servant

Change in Attitude, moving on

Strong Words and Ideas

Dutiful Servant, A Job to do

Offer of Love, kindness


A hard working, spirited woman

A strong, strict, rational woman

A sensual, practical woman

An emotional and/or nurturing woman


A hard working, spirited man

A strong, strict, rational man

A sensual, practical man

An emotional and/or nurturing man


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